Matthew Fitzsimmons

I Did Not Just Go There

Nathan (my brother) and I have found that many Christians hold their beliefs so deeply that even if they are shown from the Bible (which should be the source of all religious beliefs for a Christian) that their beliefs should at the very least be studied out further, they will not do it. I'm not saying abandon beliefs. I'm not saying that they should use some other source to define their beliefs. What I am saying is that they should study and re-think the peripheral beliefs that they have that do not come from scripture, and that do, in fact, hinder them from fully accepting and following the Bible.

One key example of beliefs that have been altered by human thinking instead of biblical thinking is that of diminishing the glory of God in salvation by saying that man has some role in generating the faith that brings salvation. This is a completely unbiblical view that stems from ones human sensibilities that feel that God is somehow less than just to condemn a man to hell who has not had a chance to accept Christ.

While I think that Romans 1 and Romans 9, especially, give a more than compelling argument against these views, I will not attempt to expound on those here. This is intended to make you think, and perhaps to get you a little up in arms, but hopefully to send you back to the Bible, as Paul commended the Berean Christians for doing. If Paul, an Apostle, encouraged study to check up on him, how much more should we study to verify what we have been taught be men who have nowhere near the authority of the Apostle Paul?