Matthew Fitzsimmons

Stove knob positions aren’t standard (who knew?)

It would seem that in my entire history of using stoves the knobs have been arranged one way in relation to the position of the burners. I took it for granted that this was always the same. In fact, it never occurred to me that it could be different.

But then I moved into my new house and kept turning on the wrong burners. It didn't immediately click until I visited my brother and used his stove. I never turned on the wrong burner once.

Take a look at this picture:

Stove with incorrect knob layout

And then take a look at this picture of my brother's stove:

Stove with correct knob layout

Set aside the fact that his stove is cleaner, fancier, and has an extra burner in the middle. The leftmost knob controls the front left burner, and the knob next to it controls the back left burner. The rightmost knob controls the front right burner, and the knob next to it controls the back right burner.

Compare this to mine, where the front and back are reversed on both sides. I'm curious to know how other stoves match up.

I just ordered a new stove today—not completely because of the knob issue—but I made sure that the new stove is laid out correctly.

Stove with correct knob layout

February 10, 2022